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One forges one's style on the.. anvil of daily deadlines. - Emile Zola

Scheduling enough time for the unexpected allows an ontime bypass of stress.....

Communications & Projects

This website shows both a selection of components of successful projects, such as documentation, images and the skills to deliver a business its future project requirements.

In the world of technology, maps with names, iconography, symbology, definitions, precision descriptions, diagrams, process mapping - all can lead to change and continuous improvement.

When text is applied to an image it can be a dynamic style of communication and is consistently used in the visual world - often memorable in a symbiotic way. Think branding and marketing.

Projects, communications, DTP, media arts production - all share a similar and parallel lifecycle. Conceptualise, research, design & plan, deliver. In closure: if we estimate delivery reponse and define any lessons learned it can be applied to future projects. What are the skills and tools needed to facilitate this? Possibly your business needs a fresh approach, an outsider's needs analysis. To step in, help facilitate change......


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